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Building a Strong Planning Commission

A strong and well‐organized planning commission is the key to a successful planning program. While MPCArticle II provides the authority to have a planning commission it offers no guidance for how to be aneffective unit serving the elected governing body and the community. Using hands‐on activities andinteractive discussions this course explores the full range of a planning commission’s work, how it can beorganized to accomplish more of its goals, and what’s needed to prepare members to get involved in thegroup’s work. Class size is limited

The Limits to Zoning 

Zoning is a powerful tool of local government used in over 2000 Pennsylvania municipalities, but its poweris not unlimited. Community expectations for zoning are high but ordinance drafters and administratorsmust know what the limitations are and the effect they have on a municipality’s zoning program. Thiscourse will explore these limitations such as those in the MPC itself, the Police Power, non‐conforminguse property rights, and state and federal laws impacting local zoning. This is not a zoning case lawupdate, but it is an interactive discussion of common zoning issues with an opportunity to look at them inthe context of the course. Class size is limited.

Managing the Subdivision Review Process

Subdivision and Land Development ordinances are the most common land use regulation in the    commonwealth. For many local planning commissions reviewing development applications takes up most of their meeting time. This course looks at the important work of a commission in managing the review process. The review process is tightly structured by the Municipalities Planning Code and many procedures can easily be misunderstood and create problems for municipal planners and officials. This course examines the complex review process and points out problem areas and how to avoid them. It describes how planning commissions, with project applicants, are engaged in a collaborative process to build the future community. Included in the course are hands-on discussions of problem situations.

The Zoning Officer and Zoning Hearing Board

The MPC states that every municipality that enacts a zoning ordinance shall create a zoning hearing board and it must have an official who handles the day-to-day work of administering the ordinance. This online class will review the job each is responsible for, along with the basic terms used in zoning, special exceptions, variances, nonconformities, notice of violation of the ordinance, plus the basic of the zoning hearing process. 

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PMPEI courses offer continuing education credits to attorneys (CLE), professional engineers, landscape architects, UCC code officials, land surveyors and geologists.

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