Sponsored and Open Enrollment Courses

PMPEI courses are offered across the Commonwealth by teams of instructors who live in the region where they teach. They bring to each course personal knowledge with the issues that confront the planning, zoning, and elected officials in the area.

Whether a Sponsored or Open course, PMPEI provides the instructors and teaching materials. The principal difference between Sponsored and Open Enrollment courses is one of logistics, not instruction.

For a Sponsored Course the sponsoring agency or organization, or group of them, sponsors a course at the location of their preference, at the time they choose, and the course they want presented. The sponsor advertises and recruits for the class and determines the registration fee to be charged and handles the registration process. They may not charge an individual more than the standard PMPEI Open Enrollment fee. In most cases the Sponsor is able to subsidize the registration fee and bring the cost down. Some PA Chapter-APA Sections provide a subsidy for course sponsors, which also helps lower registration fees. The Course Sponsor collects the registration fees and provides PMPEI (through its PSAB affiliate) with a single course payment. Sponsors provide the site, visual aids equipment, and refreshments. About 75-80% of PMPEI courses are of the Sponsored type.

ONSITE Course Sponsors Outline

Open Enrollment Courses

When PMPEI decides there is a need for one of its courses in some part of the state it contacts various municipal and county planning agencies to see if they would “host” the class. Once a host site is found the details are worked out regarding dates, course to be presented, and the team of instructors. PMPEI provides the instruction plus visual aids equipment and refreshments. For being a “host” the organization is provided one complimentary registration to the course. Other than any cost associated with using the facility the host municipality has no other financial obligation. The standard PMPEI course fee is charged each individual who registers; registration is handled through PSAB.

PMPEI is always looking for host municipalities and for those who would like to sponsor a course.

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